Lytton Fuel Terminal

The Lytton Terminal is a 110ML diesel import and storage facility located at the Port of Brisbane and provides up to an additional 12 days of supply storage into the Brisbane market.

Constructed in 2023, it is the largest of its kind in Queensland and one of the largest diesel-only terminals on Australia’s east coast. In addition to constructing on-site storage, IOR also drilled a 2KM underground pipeline and built a new wharf deck and marine loading arms at the Port of Brisbane’s deep-water FIB2 berth.

Designed to maximise efficiencies, the terminal loading gantry is capable of filling two trailers simultaneously at a rate of 2400 litres per minute at each loading arm. The gantry has been designed for AB triple access with room for a third loading skid at each lane.

The terminal is strategically located on the south side of the Brisbane River, providing efficiencies for distribution to Western QLD via the Warrego Hwy and into NSW.