IOR Supply & Trading

IOR Supply & Trading operates two large-scale diesel import and storage terminals, serving the needs of Australian industry.

Port Bonython, South Australia

The Port Bonython Terminal in South Australia was originally commissioned in May 2016. It is the largest diesel import and storage facility in South Australia with a capacity of over 80 million litres.

Lytton, Queensland

IOR’s Lytton Terminal is the largest diesel-only import and storage facility in Queensland with 110 million litres’ capacity. It was commissioned in June 2023.

IOR Supply & Trading is part of the IOR Group and is 100% Australian owned and operated, drawing on almost 40 years’ experience in Australia’s oil and energy industry. IOR began in 1984 as a small oil refinery in the far western Queensland town of Eromanga. It is now one of the largest, independent fuel distributors in the country.

Our aim is simple – provide our customers with a reliable and secure fuel supply backed by outstanding customer service.